Forsythia seems to split opinion.  Some people find sunshine yellow difficult to incorporate in a garden and I admit to having a love-hate relationship with it. Spring is when I’m most likely to love yellow and my Forsythia has not disappointed this year.

Forsythia blossom

Yellow and optimistic Forsythia blossom

I have only one Forsythia x intermedia in my garden, rather tucked away at the edge of a lawn, alongside a path.  It’s shouted for attention each year and I’ve ignored it’s golden beckoning.

Not this year. Spring 2018 has been so cold, gloomy and overcast that I’ve craved the optimistic sunny brightness.

It’s provided a perfect back-drop to this bench and I shall give it a careful prune after flowering to give it an even denser network for flowers next year.

Forsythia should be easy to grow.  It prefers sunnier aspects – South, east or west facing and neutral, acid or alkaline soil.  It likes moist but well drained soil.

If you want to read more about growing Forsythia or different varieties this article from the Telegraph, written by Ursula Buchan, is a good read.