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Things that caught my eye whilst having a brew.

Things that caught my eye whilst having a brew.

Echinops – The Globe Thistle

2018-07-27T09:04:59+01:00July 27th, 2018|Tea Break Portraits|

If you're looking for a shot of cool blue in a high summer garden - plant Echinops.  It's largely trouble free and bees of all sorts can't get enough of it. Commonly known as the Globe Thistle, Echinops has steely grey slightly spiky divided stems - but it is the [...]

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Forsythia intermedia – brightening gloomy days

2018-04-15T15:25:00+01:00April 15th, 2018|Garden Plants and Trees, Tea Break Portraits|

Forsythia seems to split opinion.  Some people find sunshine yellow difficult to incorporate in a garden and I admit to having a love-hate relationship with it. Spring is when I'm most likely to love yellow and my Forsythia has not disappointed this year. Yellow and optimistic Forsythia blossom [...]

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Tea break portraits – International Women’s Day 2018

2018-03-08T15:43:22+00:00March 8th, 2018|Tea Break Portraits|

Whilst wondering through the Princess of Wales greenhouse at Kew Gardens I spotted an unusual plant in purple white and green and it immediately brought me to mind of the colours of the women's suffragette movement.  The suffragettes wore sashes and rosettes in these colours.  Purple signified dignity, white purity and green hope.

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Tea break portraits – Lemon flower

2018-02-21T10:01:37+00:00February 21st, 2018|Tea Break Portraits|

Pure white lemon flower Citrus plants such as the lemon are attractive houseplant and conservatory specimens.  A lovely feature of citrus is the fact that new season's flowers are displayed alongside the ripening fruit of last season.  They also have a strong, delicious scent. Indoors, citrus plants need [...]

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