My Six on Saturday is briefer than usual as various domestic crises (broken washing machine leaking all over the floor) and children’s activities (sport, sport and more sport) have given me only a short window to write this.

I’m bursting with news though and a few great pictures that I’m keen to share.

New greenhouse is taking shape

Greenhouse frame

Frame of my greenhouse is complete

I’ve shared with with you all my plans for my new greenhouse in previous Six on Saturdays and this week saw the big day arrive for it’s installation.  The frame went up in less than a day and it’s great to stand in there even without the glass and get a sense of how it will feel.

It felt great.

The first greenhouse tenant

Glorisoa rothschildiana

Glorisoa rothschildiana growing strongly

A few weeks ago I shared with you all how I’d potted up my Gloriosa rothschildiana tuburs.  I also gave a potted history of how the eponymous Rothschild is connected to rodent infestations of houses in the Chilterns curtesy of the Edible Dormouse (Glis glis).  They are cute but highly destructive.

Sitting near my dining room window, with a perfect view of the greenhouse construction, the first Gloriosa lily has appeared and put on spectacular growth.

He’s bagsied a spot in a prime position.

Thrice the joy

Trillium Flexipes

Trillium Flexipes

I have spent a bit of time recently cutting back shrubs and clearing perennial weeds and spanish bluebells from a shady border that runs alongside a pretty path.  This activity was hastened by the purchase of various shade-loving plants, as described in last week’s Six on Saturday.

I have been very surprised at how quickly the Trilliums I bought from Edrom Nurseries in Scotland have grown.  This week the first flower opened, on Trillium flexipes.  It is sheer beauty.  Three leaves, three sepals, three petals.

After the birth of Price Louis this week, Prince William announced that three children was “Thrice the worry”.  When it comes to Trilliums it’s thrice the joy.

Woeful Wisteria

Wisteria in building site

My weary looking Wisteria

As part of the changes necessitated by the great greenhouse construction, an old wall made of rather revolting air bricks was knocked out. Partially supported by this wall, although surprisingly strong without it’s support, is this lovely Wisteria sinensis. 

It’s looking rather sorry for itself amongst the chaos of the build, with only cement mixers, buckets and a portaloo for company.

It is, however, covered in buds and I have planted a lovely new yew hedge behind it to show it off in years to come.  I am adding some metal supports so that some of the branches can be lifted.

It may look like it’s sulking but I’m sure it’ll put on a beautiful display in a week or two.

Beautiful Bonsai

Outdoor bonsai Malus (crab apple)

This week I wrote a blog article about outdoor Bonsai so this is a bit of a cheat – but I really wanted to share with the readers of Six on Saturday this wonderful Crab Apple Bonsai as it’s a such a stunner.

It came semi-trained and I am carefully pruning and wiring it to tinker with its shape.  I’m a complete beginner but keen to learn.

Bonsai can divide opinion and I have heard some gardeners say that to Bonsai (is it a verb?) a plant is unnatural.

For my part, I love the structural shapes that can be created.  This little tree, covered as it is in blossom, is giving me so much pleasure.

I can exclusively share with Six on Saturday readers that this picture uses the matt background of a ping pong table.  I do love garden photography!


Tulip Princess Irene

Tulipa ‘Princess Irene’ with emerging leaves of Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’

I’m sure that Six on Saturday will be full of tulips this week, as last.  Yesterday was drizzly and cold where I live, but presented a lovely opportunity, between showers and fixing my washing machine, to get my camera out for some tulip portraits.

This is my favourite picture, the burgundy flushed orange tulip ‘Princess Irene’ looks tremendous alongside the new leaves of Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’. The combination wasn’t planned, just a happy accident, but one I’m thrilled with.


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